Even if you are familiar with fertilizers, for best results, read and follow all directions carefully. Remember, as new products are introduced, they usually incorporate improved formulations. These may require different application methods than you are used to. While all TURF LINE products provide very good results, for optimum performance, take the time to read all directions on the package.

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For best performance and maximum effectiveness, fertilizers containing herbicides or insecticides require the introduction of water. However, to water before or after the application is the crucial question. Because fertilizers need to "soak" into the ground, don't assume that watering immediately after an application is the right thing to do. The fact is, some of the active ingredients may be washed away, providing minimal effectiveness. Even if you don't water, an immediate rainfall can have the same effect, so keep the weather in mind and follow all directions.

A little extra care in the spring is well worth the effort when it comes to creating a beautiful lawn. At the first signs of spring, even before the grass comes out of dormancy, put the rake to your lawn. It's an excellent chance for some fresh air and moderate exercise. Rake out all leaves, papers and any other debris that may have fallen on your lawn. If you desire, thoroughly rake the entire lawn. This will remove any dead grass or other small debris left over from the previous season. The important thing is to make sure nothing is left behind to cover or obstruct the growth of grass.

As you rake, carefully look over your lawn. This is a good time to assess its condition. Are there any bare spots? Do you suspect any insect damage? Are there any irregular spots you would like to fill? Spring is the best time to start new growth, but remember, avoid applying fertilizers with herbicides (weed killers) or crabgrass preventers to newly seeded areas, it will destroy any new growth. A straight fertilizer such as TURF LINE's Fas-Start Seed Starter fertilizer may be applied to those areas.

TURF LINE'S Fas-Start is specially formulated for rapid establishment of new grass. This seed starter formula provides twice the amount of new-grass nutrients than ordinary fertilizers.

Starting in spring and throughout October, your lawn is a potential target for a vast armada of voracious insects. Since most live underground, you can't be too sure about infestation until you begin to see turf damage in the form of brown patches. By then, it's too late.

The best way to protect your lawn from damaging insects is to apply TURF LINE's Arthroban Grub and Insect Control in early Spring and late Summer. Your lawn will be protected from grubs and other damaging insects.

Spring signals the coming of a new season and before long, your lawn comes back to life. However, it is not alone. Strong summer and fall winds have planted a variety of seeds throughout your lawn. Some of these intruders are very aggressive. Crabgrass in particular, will multiply and spread very rapidly. It is very dominant and if left unchecked, will choke out other turf grasses. Controlling crabgrass is easy and best done early in the spring before the seeds germinate.

For best results, use one of TURF LINE's crabgrass preventers with fertilizer in April or early May. Crabgrass preventers form an invisible barrier which prevents crabgrass seeds and other annual grassy weeds from germinating while providing a balanced feeding of fertilizer and essential nutrients.

The warm days of late spring provide a prime growing environment for unsightly broad leaf weeds such as dandelion, clover, plantain and many other varieties. It is important to eliminate them as soon as possible. Not only will they compete with your turf grasses, if left to grow, they may go to seed and you will most likely be faced with many more of these weeds in the fall and following spring. Another prime time for controlling broad leaf weeds and fertilizing your turf will be in mid September through October.

TURF LINE Dissolve® Weed Killer Plus Turf Fertilizer will effectively control broad leaf weeds while providing a beneficial feeding of fertilizer and essential nutrients.

Like all living plants, grasses require sunshine, water and nutrients. If your lawn is shaded, there are special grass varieties that will thrive in moderate shade. Turf grasses do best in moist soils. Adequate watering is important if you are to maintain a lush carpet of turf. Providing additional nutrients in the form of fertilizers will further assure growth and multiplication.

TURF LINE Fertilizers are fortified with NPK, a formula containing essential nutrients for a rich deep green color and healthier growth. In addition, TURF LINE Fertilizers are specially formulated for soil conditions in your area.

Grubs feed on grass roots. If not controlled, they can destroy an entire lawn.

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