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While the physical properties of sunlight and water remain constant, fertilizers are blended and vary in quality. All fertilizers start with a nitrogen base. Low cost fertilizers however, may contain a soluble (quick dissolving) form of nitrogen and if not properly applied, can "burn" your grass. Better fertilizers, like TURF LINE, contain slow, timed-release nitrogen. It's non-burning because it dissolves over time, providing continuous feeding over a longer period. Always read labels carefully because some products contain fillers. Surprised? How else would you expect them to sell at such low prices?

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> Arthroban Grub & Insect Control
> Triamine Premium Granular Weed Killer
> Dissolve Weed Killer Plus Turf Fertilizer
> Maximum Green Turf Fertilizer
> Professional Turf Fertilizer
> Winterizer Fall Fertilizer
> Winterizer Plus Dissolve Weed Killer
> Fas-Start Seed Starter Fertilizer
> Organic Gardener – Garden Fertilizer
> Multi-Purpose Fertilizer
> Sunny Grass Seed
> Shady Grass Seed
> Sun & Shade Mixture Grass Seed
> Turf Line Ice Melter

Soil conditions will vary throughout the world. Some areas are dry and barren, while others are very fertile. Even deserts support peculiar plant forms that will only thrive in such an environment.
Generally, grasses too, require a very specific environment. Usually, they do best in good sunlight and relatively moist soils that are rich in nutrients.
With the aid of modern technology we have managed to grow grasses virtually anywhere ample sunlight is available (even in the desert), by artificially providing the ideal environment – good topsoil, ample water and nourishing fertilizers.

Just as your body needs vitamins, leading botanists nationwide agree, for healthy growth, grass plants need essential nutrients. TURF LINE fertilizers are NPK fortified. When you see the NPK shield on our products, you can be assured it contains all essential plant nutrients for healthier growth and a richer green color.

Did you also know grasses do best in slightly acid soil? Acidity in the soil (pH value), like the climate, varies throughout the country. TURF LINE fertilizers are specifically formulated for soil conditions in this area.


Turf Line Fertilizers Are Specially Formulated For Soil Conditions In Your Area

About Turf Line | Fertilizers | Grass Seed | Application Guide | Lawn Guide | Contacts

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