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High Point Mills is the Upstate New York distributor of Milorganite organic fertilizer.

Selecting the Right
Turf Line Fertilizer
To better assist you in selecting the right formularization for the job, the products on this web site are keyed with one or more of the following descripitve graphics.

Product contains insecticides that will eliminate grubs and other damaging lawn insects

Product contains a herbicide that is specially formulated to prevent crabgrass.

Product contains a combination of herbicides for control of dandelions and many other broad leaf weeds.

Product is NPK fortified with essential plant nutrients for greener, healthier turf.

These numbers indicate the formulation of the product. The first number indicates the percentage of nitrogen. The second, the amount of phosphorous and the third number indicates the amount of potassium.

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• Triamine® Premium Granular Weed Killer
• Maximum Green Turf Fertilizer
• Professional Turf Fertilizer
• Winterizer Fall Fertilizer
• Winterizer Plus Weed Killer

• Arthroban Grub & Insect Control

• Multi-Purpose Fertilizer

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